Stand Up India Scheme Details, Eligibility & Apply Online

Stand Up India Scheme was launched for SC/ST women for their empowerment & increase in greenfield enterprise. It was launched in April 2016. Here, I give you information of the Stand Up India Scheme Details. You may also like “Stand Up India Loan Details, Apply for Stand Up India Loan Online. 

Stand Up India Scheme Details

Stand Up India Scheme Details has been launch to promote the women entrepreneurship who belongs to the SC and ST cast. As per this scheme, SC/ST caste women can get the loan from the governmental institution to establish Greenfield Enterprise.

The Stand Up India Scheme launched in April 2016 by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. the Main purpose of this scheme is to empower women entrepreneurship. For Women’s Empowerment, the central government is providing a loan to them which has low-interest rate & long payment period.

stand up india scheme pdf

Under this scheme, More than 2 lakh women get the loan for to establish a Greenfield Enterprise. For this loan scheme, 1 lakh & more bank branches are associated with it.

As per this scheme, the bank will provide a loan up to 10 lakh to the 100 lakhs. this loan is used for working capital. it can also say the term loan. It helping to increase the Greenfield Enterprise.

Stand Up India Objectives

The government aiming to bring a stand-up India scheme for a women entrepreneurs belongs to SC/ST castes.

Under this scheme, the government wants that every bank branch has a one women entrepreneur as a creditor.

Stand Up India Eligibility Criteria

Any women of SC/ST caste whose age is 18 years & more than 18 years.

Any woman who is applying for a loan under this scheme should not be Defaulter as per bank records.

Note That: A woman who is engaged with the Greenfield Projects & Enterprise.

Stand Up India loan In Details

The government will provide a composite loan to the SC/ST caste women about 10 lakh to 100 lakh. This loan is helpful for their working capital and other expenses of businesses.

Stand Up India Loan is aiming to women empowerment in businesses. they make more greenfield enterprise.

Under this scheme, The government bank gets a rate of interest the loan is MCLR Interest rate + 3% Tenor Premium.

If you are applied for stand up India loan then you repay the loan about from 18 months to 7 years.

Document required for Stand Up India Loan

Identity proof of Applicant

Address proof of Applicant

Memorandum/Partnership Deed

Balance sheet & Income statement of Promoters

Rent Agreement

Projected Annual Statement Of Last Two years

Incorporation Certificate

Project report & Manufacturing Process

How To Apply for Stand Up India Loan?

You need to follow 4 step to apply for Stand Up India Loan. here is I list out the 4 step to apply for Stand Up India Loan.

1. Registration

2. Handholding Support Selection

3. Fill Application Form

Stand Up India Scheme

First, You need to register yourself on “Stand Up India” portal. Every applicant can be registered as a “Trainee Borrower” & “Ready Borrower”.

After registering yourself on a portal, you need to choose a Handholding agency/ bank as per your convenience & nearness.

After then you need to fill up detail in the Stand Up India Loan Application Form. Note that you can save the forms detail for more than trial but after submitting the form you can’t change the form details.

You can also apply for standup India loan through your Preferred Lender.

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