Make In India Project Policy, Vision & Advantage Of It

Our Honorable Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi has Launched his ambition name the Make In India Programme in September 2014. The Make In India Project was launched for promoting foreign investor to invest their money in Indian Business. You can Also see Here, Advantage of Make In India & Make In India Vision & Make In India Policy etc.

The main goal of the Make In India Concept is to promote India as a Largest Economy in the world as A China, An America Etc. The Economy is growing in term of manufacturing processes. The Make In India Project was launched because of The government wants to develop a business in Manufacturing.

Under this programme, the government promoting an existing manufacturing company and an international company to produce in India.

Make In India Concept

The Make In India Concept is such a concept that Our Government promotes to produce in India along with the national or international company.

The main purpose of this project was to increase the GDP rate & tax revenue & to reduce the production cost.

Make In India Concept  

Under this scheme, The government tries to increase the quality production that creates an environment cleanliness & the revenue comes to the Indian People and Tax revenue to the government.

This scheme is creating an opportunity for other people. under this scheme, the government promoting an Innovation, protecting an intellectual property, creating employment for students.

Make In India Policy

There are mainly 4 policies is applying under the Make In India Programme.

New Initiatives

Foreign Direct Investment

 Intellectual Property Facts

 National Manufacturing

– New Initiatives 

Our Government took Innovative steps in this scheme. The Government takes some steps such as if any person tries to make an easy protocol to start a new Enterprise with transparency. it is minimizing a Threat to start a new business.

Let’s See the Innovative steps which taken by the government under this programme for the new and existing businesses.

If you are starting a new business in Manufacturing then you need to get an approval from an Environment Department. You get approval easily through online from the Environment department.

You can file your Income tax return online easily.

The Government is getting more 3 years in the expiry date of Industrial License.

You can be registered your business online easily. you don’t have to get into more paperwork.

The Head of Department approves your Application for Departmental inspection.

– Foreign Direct Investment

Our Government has given 100% freedom for foreign direct investment and other sectors are excluding from the 100% FDI such as Space (74%), Defence(49%), News & Media(26%). Our government is refusing a ban on Tea garden FDI.

Make In India Policy

– Intellectual Property Facts

Our government is enhancing the modern Technology and basic infrastructure to protect the intellectual property of entrepreneur.

Here, the government is applying this to all different intellectual property such as patent, Design, logo, Trademark, geographical indications, Layout of a plant, circuit layout etc.

– National Manufacturing 

The manufacturing sector has grown by 12 to 14% per year. The Economy’s GDP rate by 25% because The Manufacturing sector is growing up.

As per this programme, there is the increasing number of employment in the manufacturing sector about 100 Million jobs.

Apart from this, In the Manufacturing sector increase a domestic value and Manufacturing facility.

The Indian government wants to take the manufacturing sector in competition in the International Manufacturing. the government also wants growth in an Indian economy with the safe earth environment.

Make In India Vision

The Make In India campaign is started because the Prime Minister wants to Make India as a hub of Manufacturing in the world. Our Prime Minister also wants to promote to the domestic, National & International companies to manufacturing in India.

The government wants to create a lead in the manufacturing processes policy & development area.

Make In India Programme

The government is focusing on 25 sectors such as IT Companies, Automobile companies etc. Not only this, the government is also focusing on the Employment, new establishes, students skill improvement in students, protect an intellectual property of entrepreneurs.

The main purpose of this scheme is to grow up the manufacturing sector and also grow up the country’s economy.

Advantages of Make In India Campaign

Expand Economic Growth

Under this campaign, the GDP growth rate is a boost and also increasing a part of manufacturing sectors in growth rate.

Create job opportunities

Under the Make In India Project, the manufacturing companies are growing up. when the company’s turnover is more then the company need more worker for more work. the manufacturing industry is creating jobs for workers. under the scheme, the government including 25 more manufacturing company i.e. more job opportunities.

Foreign Direct Investment

Under this scheme, the government is increasing partnership of FDI in the manufacturing sector. this FDI investment is helping to the National & international company for more growth.

Investment Opportunities

This project is making more investment opportunity and the manufacturing company is giving more return on investment.

Increasing Rupees Value

The country gets an income of foreign currency because of made in India project. the value of an Indian currency is increasing because of made in India.

Making Brand Value

This will also increase the brand value of companies in our country & also international level. the market value of these companies and increase the standard quality of the products & increase the earning of these companies.

Benefit Of Make In India

New Technology

The Foreign investment is to come to the Indian manufacturing company. this scheme is helping more need of investment for modern & new technology. they can replace the old technology with new technology which is getting efficiency and more qualifiable product from that particular companies.

Business starting easy processes

You can easily move your business and be starting a new one. you can easily grow up you companies to the heights.

Rural Area Development

Any Industry can be started in the rural area and you can also start any initiative in industry. we know that our country relies on agriculture activity. the people of the village are also getting an opportunity for promotion.

Innovative Ideas

Anyone can be working with initiative ideas in front of an investor. you can be started any manufacturing industry without any interruption.

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