Jan Aushadhi Scheme & Apply for Jan Aushadhi Medical Store

The Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana campaign is driven by the NCBI. The reason behind Jan Aushadhi scheme the government wants to provide medicines at the 70% less of medicines market price. The Jan Aushadhi Medical Stores are providing an employment to the Pharmaceutical Students. Get more info about Jan Aushadhi yojana.

What is Jan Aushadhi Scheme?

Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana was implemented in the year 2015 by our Honorable PM Narendra Modi. The main aim of the Jan Aushadhi Scheme is providing a high-quality medicine at a low price.

jan aushadhi yojana

The government is decided to open more than 1000 Stores. there is more 600 Jan Aushadhi medical stores were opened in 2016. The Store Owner earns 16% commission on the Medicines Price.

Eligibility Criteria Jan Aushadhi Medical Store

Any person who is an Indian can start a Jan Aushadhi Store.

There is any hospital, charitable trust, Pharmacist, Doctor is also eligible to open a Jan Aushadhi Medical store.

The government is helping to those applicants who belong to Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled cast, Physically disabled. The Government provides 200,000 for store setup & 50,000 to maintain infrastructure in stores.

jan aushadhi store

Required Documents To Open a Jan Aushadhi Store

If Applicant is the Students of Pharmaceutical wants to open a store, then you need to submit an Applicants PAN Card

If Hospital & Charitable Trust wants to open a medical store then the Hospital/Charitable trust needs to Submit a Registration Certificate of Hospital/Charitable trust.

Benefit of the Jan Aushadhi Medical Store

The Jan Aushadhi scheme gives two-way benefit to the customers as well as Pharmacist.

One the customer gets low-cost medicines, Two the Store owner get the employment.

you have a question that How it is beneficial to the customers & Store owners?

If the pharmacist opens a medical store then He/She gets a help from a government to set up a store. the government gives 200,000 for medical store & 50,000 to set infrastructure.

Not only this the owner gets 16% commission on the printed price of the medicines.

the customer gets high-quality generic medicine at the lowest price up to 60 to 70%.

How to Apply for Jan Aushadhi Medical Store Online?

First get your pan card & Aadhaar Card in your hand.

Go to the CSC Website.

Now, the CSC web page opens in your browser. Click on “CSC Jan Aushadhi Registration” option.

Jan Aushadhi scheme

After then the New tab is open in your browser that shows the box to write your Aadhaar number. the Aadhaar card must be attached to a mobile number.

Jan Aushadhi Yojana CSCS website

After Aadhaar Verification the Jan Aushadhi Application Form is open in your browser’s tab. Fill all details on the form & Submit your form.

After Form Submission, you must register with the BPPI (Bureau of Pharma PSU of India)  for that you need to pay 2000 Rs. for a fee.

If you are successfully registered with the BPPI then you need to apply for VLE License. VLE License is a legal document for to start a medical store.

after then you need to send a VLE License via email to the CSC(Health@ csc.gov.in).

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