What is ImTeCHO App? & Its Objective & Benefit to the ASHA’s

What is ImTeCHO?

ImTeCHO is an Android Application which is launched by the government. It is launched for ASHAs workers to improve their performance. ImTeCHO is an “Innovative Mobile Health Operations”.

The ImTeCHO app is providing a medical assistance to the pregnant woman & her child. The government is successful to save more than 50,000 Mother & her child.

imtecho app for asha workers

The TeCHO means support in the Gujarati language. ImTeCHO means I Am Support. The main objective to implement ImTeCHO is to provide support to all ASHA workers including ASHA sisters to PHC officers.

Objectives of ImTeCHO App

The main objective behind the ImTeCHO is to getting support or high-risk health conditions, increase health education to stop serious diseases, Vaccinations to prevent disease, prenatal pregnancy checks up.

This project is implemented from June 2014 & there is 6500 people are using an ImTeCHO application (in which most of the Tribal pregnant woman, newborns & children.

ImTeCHO is used by the 90 ASHA Sisters, 90 Villages & 3 PHCS (2 districts) in the Gujarat. The ImTeCHO clients can receive 3 health services from ASHA Health Workers. The application provides 19500 services to their clients.

imtgecho benefit

  1. the main objective of ImTeCHO app to decrease a maternal death at the time of the child’s birth
  2. to save the child at the birth time.
  3. to check & increase a nutrition level of a child.
  4. to give an accurate performance of home visits & track the health condition of the mother & her child
  5. There are 90 ASHA’s & Project villages affiliated to the ImTeCHO. The Asha worker & PHC centers are trained to use the ImTeCHO.
  6. There are 2500 pregnant woman & 4000 children were registered under ImTeCHO application.
  7. The ASHA workers are submitting more than 1500 Form every month.
  8. The ASHA workers are completed 80 % work from assigned works.

ImTeCHO App Benefit

Benefit To the ASHA’s

The daily schedule facility is making a visit to the home.

The ASHA Sisters need not remember every detail of module 6 & 7. The mobile is useful to remind the Task of module 6 & 7.

The app inbuilt videos are helping to the ASHA sisters to remembering Complex processes such as custom built diagnosis, stratification of risk, Treatment analysis & planning etc.

This app is making an easy calculation of incentives & Replenishment of Regular supply.

The E-ASHA dairy is helping to the ASHA’s to record all completed task of home visits.

Benefit To the ALL PHC Staff          

The App helps to the PHC Officers to record children’s births & Death information in time. Here you can find accurate information about Children’s birth & death.

The officers can make a Draft copy of monthly PHC Report No.7 & 7a easily. The app is providing its entry based draft copy.

PHC Officers can easily calculate the ASHA’s incentives.

The officers can track the risky health condition of mother & child.

The performance of Asha workers can easily be monitored through this app.

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