GST Registration Online | Documents Required, Fees & Eligibility

What is Goods & Service Tax?

Goods & Service Tax is the indirect tax. It is imposed on Goods & Services which needs a value increasing through processing.

GST Tax Rate In India

The government is deciding the GST Tax Rate on different products. Government is creating a list of products on basis of needs i.e. very important & needy things are taken under no GST tax. Some Products are having a GST Tax Rate 5% 12% 18% & 28%.

Rates Products
Nill Milk Egg
Yogurt Lassi
Unpacked Food Unpacked Paneer
Jaggery Honey
Vegetables Salt
Beauty Porduct Teaching
Health Services Education stationary
Flour Maida Flour
Besan Prasad
Palmyra Jaggery Jaddoo
5% Sugar Tea
Edible Oil Domestic LPG
Carosine Cashew
Milk Products Fabric
Spices Coal
Medicine Packed Paneer
Kismis Rosted Coffee
Milk Powder Footwear
Aprails Bad Sheet
Floar Cover Incense stick
Sweets Coffee
12% Butter Ghee
Almond Fruit Juice
Coconut Water Industry
Ice Cream Toilerities
18%  Hair Oil Toothpaste
Soap Pasta
Corn Flackes Soup
Computer Processed Food
Mobile Umbrella
Capital Goods Printer
28% Small Cars Consumer Goods
Sports Cars & Bikes Luxury Cars & Bikes

What Is GSTIN Number?

The Goods & Service tax Payer Identification Number i.e. GSTIN is the identity of the taxpayer who is paying a GST tax.

GSTIN number

Goods & Service Tax Identification Number Format

The GSTIN number is well-formatted Number. You can see this GSTIN number i.e. 27 BBBCA1562D 8 Z 2

This GSTIN Number is,

The First two digit Stands for State Code.

After Than, The 10 digit Stands for Businessmen’s PAN Card Number.

The 13th Digit stands for State Registration Number.

The 14th digit is the set by default by the government.

the last One is being any Alphabets can be set.

GST Registration Online

The government is setting the rule for GST Taxpayer i.e. Any Businessman in India whose Company or industry is making a turnover of 20 Lakh or more than it. they are eligible to pay the GST to the Government.

Any Businessman can apply for GSTIN Number online. It is mandatory to register to pay the GST.

Eligibility Criteria To Register For GST

Any Businessman whose Company’s turnover is 20 Lakh or more than 20 Lakhs Rupees in the financial year.

Any businessman whose business is related to the Interstate exchange or e-commerce. they are also eligible to register for GSTIN number.

Required Documents for GST Registration/GSTIN

  1. Applicant’s PAN Card
  2. Business Incorporation Certificate
  3. Applicant’s Identity Proof
  4. Applicants two passport size photo
  5. Applicant’s Business Address Proof
  6. Bank Statement containing Name & address
  7. Digital Signature

gst registration status

GST Registration Fees

There are no Fees are taking for the GST registration. The GST Registration is done on a free basis.

gst registration login

GST Registration Procedure Online In India

First, Go to the GST Registration Portal & Click on New GST Registration to register yourself.

Now, The GST Registration Form is opening in your browser.

GST Registration portal

This Form is containing a User Credentials Form  & OTP Verification form.

After Than, you need to fill up the User Credentials Form. The User credentials Form is containing the business details, applicant’s mobile number, PAN Card etc.

GST Registration Online

Click on “Proceed” to submit the form.

Now, the Browser is redirecting you on the OTP verification form.

Now, enter Your Email Id & Mobile Number & you get the OTP on your mobile number & Email Id.

Enter both OTP & Click on “Proceed” to OTP verification.

GST Registration Forms Online

Now, you get the Temporary Reference Number which is valid for 15 days to get GSTIN Number.

Now, Go to the GST Registration Portal & Click the option New Registration. But now you need to go to the Temporary Reference Numer.

When you go to the Temporary Reference Number enter your Temporary Reference Number  & Click on Proceed.

It is redirecting you to one Form which can be filled up with all business details & submit the Form.

The Officers check All form details which is given by the Businessman. This process ends in three days.

When the Officers has approved your application, The GST officer is asking for some business related documents.

The officer is asking for the document which can be submitted in a limited time period.

If you fail to submit the document then the officer is informing through the GST-Reg-05 form that You fail for GSTIN Registration.

When you get the GST-Reg-05 From you need to apply again for GSTIN number.

GST Forms Detail India

GST-Reg-01 Application form
GST-Reg-02 Acknowledgement
GST-Reg-03 To get more information
GST-Reg-04 To get more information about Registration
GST-Reg-05 Application Disclaimer
GST-Reg-06 Registration Certificate
GST-Reg-07 Registration as a TDS/TCS
GST-Reg-08 Rejection of TDS/TCS Registration
GST-Reg-09 Non-Resident Taxable Person Registration
GST-Reg-10 Online Information Supplier
GST-Reg-11 Non-Resident Application Period
GST-Reg-12 To register temporary Registration
GST-Reg-13 UIN Application Form
GST-Reg-14 Information of all application
GST-Reg-15 Amandment Order
GST-Reg-16 To cancel Application
GST-Reg-17 Showing reasons to cancel application
GST-Reg-18 Response of Form cancellation application
GST-Reg-19 Order to Cancel Registration
GST-Reg-20 Application Withdraw Orders
GST-Reg-21 To apply again for Application Cancelled
GST-Reg-22 Order to cancel Application
GST-Reg-23 Showing a reason for Application cancellation
GST-Reg-24 Response Application Cancellation Form
GST-Reg-25 Provision Registration Certificate
GST-Reg-26 Existing Taxpayer Application Form
GST-Reg-27 Provision Registration Cancellation reply
GST-Reg-28 Order to cancel provision registration
GST-Reg-29 Provisional Registration Form cancellation
GST-Reg-30 Field Visit Form

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