Pillars Of Digital India Programme & Advantage Of It

The Digital India Campaign was launched on 2 July 2015. The Digital India Project was started because our government wants to provide all digital facilities to the citizens. Digital India Programme is providing a facility through a digital network. The goal behind Digital India Platform was all Facility such as Banking facility, certification etc. is available online. It is best for our country.

The Digital India Project

The Digital India project was established to complete all these purposes. An Ecosystem has been set up which include more than ministries and that all ministries are affiliated to the DeitY i.e. Department of Electronics & Information Technology under the Digital India Scheme.

Under Digital India Scheme, The government wants that the citizens are using Information Technology & Electronic Media more & get more Benefit from it.

The Digital India Project is aiming to convert the Indian Economy into Knowledge & information society.

The government is providing digital infrastructure such as Free Wi-Fi Services, all government service online etc. as soon as possible to complete the digital India projects aim. Under this campaign, It is necessary to provide a guideline for people who are using a digital platform first time. It is an important step to establish a digital economy.

There is Three important Area for to developing a digital economy. You will pay more attention to this three area to transform a country into Digital.

Digital India Campaign Details

Digital Infrastructure – Some digital facilities are required to set up a digital economy. facilities such as a high-speed internets facility, Smartphones, cyber cafes etc.

The Online & mobile platforms are usable when it is needed. In this segment, the government needs to all department integrated into one digital place. Citizens can download their important document from a cloud platform.

Apart from this, All documents are available on a cloud platform and it is reducing a presentation of physical documents in constituent work. Likewise, It is also used to transfer money online or even you can also use money digitally. The government needs to get a digital literacy to citizens to make a digital India successful.

How To Register for Digital India?

You can easily register under three simple steps for Digital India.

First, Go to the Digital India Official Website (https://digitizeindia.gov.in/signup) to register.

Now, One form is open in your browser. fill the details on the Digital India registration form details such as Name, DOB, Aadhaar Number etc.

Pillars Of Digital India

After that, You need to validate Aadhaar. To validate Aadhaar card click on “Validate Aadhaar”

Now, write your User Id, password, email, password & Mobile Number. You get an OTP on your mobile number & then accept the Terms & condition & Click on Register Now.

You are registered for Digital India

Pillars of Digital India Programme

1. Broad Band Highways

2. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity

3. Public Internet Access Programme

4. E-governance: Reforming

5. E-Kranti Portal

6. Information available for All

7. Electronics Manufacturing

8. IT for Jobs

9. Early Harvest

1. BoradBand Highways

Under the Broadband highways, Three main components are working.

First, All Rural Broadband

Second, All Urban Broadband

Third, National Information Infrastructure

– All Rural Broadband  

The government is providing a broadband connection to the 250 Gram panchayats under the digital India programme by December 2016. The government is providing a budget of 32,000 crores to complete this project in the rural area.

– All Urban Broadband

The government is providing a broadband service in the urban area to provide a computerized digital infrastructure.

– National Information Infrastructure

All Networks such as SWAN, NKN, and NOFN etc. The national and state data centre are integrated into the  National Information Infrastructure. this will provide provision for horizontal connectivity of the Government department, stores.

The DietY is Nodal Department of the Integration of National Information Infrastructure.  The government is providing a budget of the 15,686 crores for 5 years.

2. Access Universally to Mobile Connectivity

The goal behind this initiatives step is providing network connectivity to the all over India. This connectivity is to reach to the 42,300 villages. This is the project is complete in 2018. For this purpose government is providing a budget of 16,000 crores for this.

3. Public Internet Access Programme

Under this preference, there is two subcomponents are Common Service Centre & Post Office as a Multi-Service Centre.

The government is increasing the strength & number of common service centre from 135,000 to 250,000. Every Gram Panchayat is connecting to the CSC Services.

The CSC Centre is usable for governmental & business related work.

The government is making a 150,000 post office as a Multiservice centre.

Digital India Project In Hindi

4. E-Governance

The government wants to increase business processes & services under this scheme. You can use E-governance through the Mobile number & Aadhar for a transaction. The senior citizens can register a complaint.

5. E-Kranti

The government is launching an E Kranti web for the services such as Education, agriculture etc.

If we talk about the Education sector, then here the government is providing digital knowledge programme & MOOC. It is introducing 2,50,000 education institute with wifi service.

In Agriculture sector, The farmer can get the real value of the product through the portal.

6. Provide Information to the All

You can access safety information through the Open Data Platform & Online Hosting. We can also access the information of the government easily. The government & citizens can use the Mygov.in to transform the thinking & realities etc.

7. Electronics Manufacturing

Under the Digital India scheme, the government is focusing on VSAT, mobiles, Electronics, Medical equipment, energy meters, smart cards etc. The government is providing freedom to the taxes & production costs.

8. IT for Jobs

Under this scheme, the government wants to create IT training cell for students who are belonging to the villages.

The government also wants to establish a more 300,000 IT Companies & this company are providing training to the 500,000 youngsters.

9. Early Harvest Programmes

The government is applying this programme to the all governmental office & departments. You can also see the document related to you through the Digital India programme.

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